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Furniture distribution

A well-oiled and flexible organization makes sure that there is a timely and trustworthy distribution from the manufacturer to the retailer in the Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the United Kingdom. In addition to this we have a long working relationship with qualified international furniture distributers which enables us to distribute to outer areas. This means that we are able to distribute to countries like France and Spain for our clients. We will always be the chain director and therefore the responsible contact person.

Skilled people

Our people are aware of the fact that they are an important link in the chain. They not only guarantee the reliability of our activities, their commitment and insight is also very important for cost-effective work. Furniture is very fragile and often difficult to stack. It is literally a matter of fitting and measuring. Our employees are well trained internally and meet the high requirements of current furniture logistics.

Modern Fleet

With a modern fleet our professionals are on the road every day to satisfy customers. The system of closed swap bodies enables us to quickly and effectively replenish our vehicles. All vehicles are equipped with a tail lift and other necessary aids to deliver the furniture undamaged. Depending on the vulnerability, volume or weight of the furniture, the vehicles are manned by 1 or 2 people.

Dedicated transport via the dc?

Drive full routes for one client or distribution through our distribution center in Simpelveld. Martin Slangen Meubellogistiek masters the entire logistics chain and has all the knowledge and experience to unburden our clients completely.

Strong in Belgium

The furniture industry in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg is one of our spearheads. Martin Slangen Meubellogistiek has a complete insight into the erratic opening and closing times, in particular those of the specialist retail trade in Belgium. We see that distribution to the Belgian specialist retail trade is difficult to coordinate effectively especially from Germany. By running the distribution to Belgium through our distribution center, they save a lot of time and kilometers.